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  1. Should 'bad dog' insurance be mandatory?
  2. Santa Cruz merchants likely to support overturning downtown dog ban
  3. Caring for dog helps former truants mature
  4. Meredith Lions Club welcomes guide dog owner to give talk
  5. Guiding walk
  6. Guide dogs lead in Daytona Beach
  7. Ailing woman makes plea to find missing service dog
  8. Service dogs offer children a new sense of confidence
  9. Legion salutes local Marine
  10. Blinded Merseyside soldier 'sees' with tongue device
  11. Crufts 2010: Has the pedigree dog breeding problem been sorted?
  12. Rattlesnake Attack is Pet Insurer's Most Unusual January Claim
  13. Event to raise money for guide dog
  14. Help needed to train guide dogs
  15. So many hurdles to overcome
  16. In-retirement-hard-working-reporter-earning-accolades
  17. Heartfelt gift pays forward with leader dog puppy
  18. Guide dog saved owner from fire
  19. Alert capabilities questioned
  20. Poulsbo teen gains independence with help of canine assistant
  21. Sherry Davis: 'New breed' of a service dog
  22. Lorne off to Greenland to get his husky driving licence
  23. Prince William residents raise guide dogs for the blind
  24. Guide dog trainer 'loves her job'
  25. Cross-country solo bicyclist passes through Liberty with service dog
  26. Community helps injured BF airman
  27. Sask. puppies tested for service work
  28. Hounds for Heroes assistance dogs charity launched
  29. Raise money for assistance dogs with a bluebell walk
  30. Service dogs can encourage independence, pride
  31. Ray: City should reconsider weakening cell-phone ban
  32. Dangerous dogs – a bone of contention since 1839
  33. Taxi rank to move despite opposition
  34. Person of the week: Melissa Kegerreis
  35. Duvall Fire honors its own
  36. Uk Guide dog attacked
  37. 5 months later, S. Koreans still confused over new pedestrian traffic rules
  38. Guide Dog Rejects Find Gainful Employment
  39. Guide dog demand - help is at hand
  40. Westside woman training dogs to help disabled veterans
  41. Ophthalmologists offer free eye examinations for service dogs
  42. Tourism, Transportation & Travel : Guide Dogs granted permission to apply for .
  43. Woman's Club Hosts 'Guiding Eyes'
  44. Bid to dump £100 fines on guilty dog owners
  45. bypass a five-year waiting list
  46. Guide dogs can go anywhere
  47. Seeing Eye Dog Refused Entry to Subway…
  48. Disagreement with Marriot
  49. Changing lives ... one dog at a time
  50. Autistic children receive new leash on life from service dogs