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  1. Puppy love: service dogs serve as matchmakers for their owners
  2. Turkey's second guide dog Combis starts training in parliament
  3. South Africa/ Woolies welcomes guide dogs, apologises for incident
  4. Therapy Dog for Abuse Survivors
  5. Marine with PTSD in battle with employer that refuses to allow his .
  6. Incredible Service Dog Takes The Best Care Of His Mom
  7. How to Spot a Fake Service Dog
  8. Canine Companions for Independence: Local trainer coaching eighth service dog
  9. Rock Hill man questions Wal-Mart's service dog policy
  10. Blind Woman Forced to Back Church Pew Because of Service Dog
  11. Ark Encounter Denies Turning Woman, Service Dog Away
  12. A service dog that survived abuse and getting hit by a car picks her forever...
  13. AAA Refused to Pick Up Blind Woman Stranded with Service Dog
  14. Tulsa Veteran Says Service Dogs Not Like Other Dogs
  15. Service Dogs Provide Care, Support for DoD Warrior Games Athletes
  16. Trainers want more respect, understanding of service dogs
  17. Abandoned Pit Bulls Are Transformed From Unwanted Shelter Pets To Service Dogs F
  18. CAN / Guide dog users, providers say proposed rules disregard needs of
  19. Gov. Ivey Signs Bill Allowing Service Dogs in Alabama Court Rooms
  20. 'He's my reason,' dog owner works to save service animal
  21. Family beg Guide Dogs For The Blind not to take away their dying
  22. Veteran claims he and his service dog were banned from College of
  23. Stolen Service Dog Returned to Colorado Owner
  24. EMS Transport of Service Dogs & Support Animals
  25. A police officer responded to a burglary alarm and ended up
  26. Bookie, dog deemed vicious, euthanized Friday
  27. Woman says she was kicked out of St. Louis Zoo because of her service dog
  28. SC Woman Searching For Missing Service Dog In Dravosburg
  29. Service dog allegedly stolen in Colorado located in California
  30. Home care aide caught punching demitia patient eleven times
  31. Service dog dies after heat stroke; SPCA warns of similar cases
  32. In Sitka hospital, a dog runs for help when owner has a seizure
  33. 'Little guys' won big at Supreme Court this year
  34. San Angelo group helps pair service members with service dogs
  35. Abused Pit Bulls Retrained As Service Dogs In Rockland County
  36. Therapy animals are everywhere. Proof that they help is not.
  37. Stroke victim looking for help with service dog
  38. Abandoned Rockland pit bull becomes veteran's service dog
  39. The Job of A Service Dog
  40. How a Service Dog Changed This MS Patient’s Life
  41. Your dog could call 911 in an emergency. Here's how.
  42. MOVED: international travel was Re: Passenger bitten by emotional support dog
  43. Passenger bitten by emotional support dog on Delta flight
  44. Gluten sniffing dog
  45. Delta mauling puts focus on ‘support-animal’ rules
  46. A Mocksville Girl and Her Service Dog Become Yearbook Besties
  47. Goat fart startles toddler
  48. Service dogs play increasingly important role in mental health
  49. I may look fine, but I need my service dog with me for panic attacks
  50. Men attack former army ranger in the Bronx, steal his service dog