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  1. Black Creek Township is planning to adopt new ordinance.
  2. Blind man robbed of 4000 Christmas money at Coventry bus stop
  3. Ontario CAN / Assistance dogs help with the gift of mobility
  4. Pit-bull service-dog exemption rejected by Denver City Council
  5. CAN province Saskatchewan / Animal-neglect law passed
  6. Ireland budget cuts bite: 'I won't be able to pay for my guide dog'
  7. NZ / Jail for threatening blind neighbour
  8. Treatment of Autistic Patient CAUTION
  9. Dog was his girl Friday
  10. Plane makes emergency lading after dog bites two on plane en route from Newark
  11. A disciplined dog - how to get your dog to ignore food on the ground.
  12. Collier district won't allow guide dog for autistic student
  13. Sam's Club, Milk-Bone provide service dog to Lexingtonian
  14. Student with disability rolls right along at new Beverly High School
  15. Guide Dog saved from icy death
  16. AU/ New guide dog in town
  17. Blind Massillon woman and her guide dog becoming a team
  18. Collier district hearing: Family continues fighting to get autistic child's ...
  19. Telegraph Christmas Appeal: 'Without him, I would be dead'
  20. Romania's first guide dog shut out from city
  21. 0Dogging it at the Tour Championship
  22. Guide Dogs Of Texas Introduces 8 Puppies To Program
  23. Ark. girl learns to live with muscular disease
  24. Parma couple hope to buy service dog for their 4-year-old daughter
  25. Monkey Business in Concord
  26. Defined by his successes not his limitations
  27. Young fundraiser at it again
  28. Marley the service dog set to attend Liza Jackson Preparatory School
  29. My Pet Photo: Meet Peanut, who loves to help her "papaw"
  30. Dog helps injured teen live better life
  31. Ansonia Teen To Appear On 'Nick News'
  32. St. Lucie shelter dogs trained by inmates at Martin Work Camp to become ..
  33. School Board Allows Guide-Dog-in-Trainings Onto School Grounds
  34. Friday Friends spotlights PADS puppies
  35. CHAFFIN v. WALL/ mentions biting SD hearing dog
  36. City officials back away from pit bull ban
  37. With Black Labrador and Special Software, a Blind Student Comes Equipped for .
  38. Wounded Airman Receives Guide Dog From Fidelco
  39. EDITORIAL: We should all be nervous in the service dog controversy
  40. Homeland Security: Woman Goes Through TSA Security In Undergarments
  41. Man Marries His Lab
  42. "Labradors are Hoovers on Legs"
  43. Language matters for a community to be disability friendly
  44. Dog assumed to be dead discovered alive in Dallas, TX
  45. police rescue snow bound blind woman and her guide dog
  46. Justice for Gooch: Service Dog Killed by Groomer
  48. Companies That Care
  49. Good Samaritans Save Disabled Veteran's Dog From Death‎
  50. Man with guide dog nearly removed from restaurant