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  1. service dog for autism
  2. is it just plain slow for news?
  3. Martinez woman serves as leader in Bay Area blind community
  4. UK airports accused of poorly treating disabled passengers
  5. Guide Dogs: The hardest hit - defending disabled people's futures
  6. We can't work it out
  7. Therapeutic dog sparks condo lawsuit
  8. Ukiah California/ Police and fire log: Friday, March 25, 2011‎
  9. Takign the lead with a new guide dog
  10. parents want girl with allergy home schooled----
  11. Service Dog Returned to Grateful Owner
  12. Guide dog offers owner 'normal life'
  13. EEOC Announces Final Bipartisan Regulations for the ADA Amendments Act
  14. ADI workshop
  15. One 'cool' companion‎
  16. Some dogs can enter eateries‎
  17. Service dogs provide comfort for veterans back from war
  18. Should Dog Owners Pay Up?
  19. UK / Mayor's review of Tube guide dog ban welcomed
  20. child to receive seizure assistance dog
  21. Activist pursuing suit tries to block testimony about her record‎
  22. Ruby Tuesday
  23. What's Wrong with this Picture?
  24. Couple fights eviction over service cat
  25. UK / Fears lead to dog ban at shop
  26. New definition for service animals concerns some
  27. Denver Fails to Fix Pit Bull Ban for Department of Justice Deadline
  28. Guide dog pups touch down
  29. China/ Guide dog star's owner quits job over pet‎
  30. AU/ Student departs after complaint
  31. Emotional service pets can no longer travel for free
  32. Darlene, epilepsy and a dog named Storm
  33. Canine companions misunderstood often
  34. CoPay Assistance
  35. Justice Department Tightens Definition
  36. Prison camp, one of 4 to be closed, sends animals back to county pound
  37. School Committee Takes Action On New Animal Policy
  38. Blewett blew it
  39. Woman on her seventh guide dog in 30 years
  40. Service Dog Regulations Cause Abuse Of Right
  41. Tea Party wants Hesperia to limit service animals
  42. Managing the 'doos' and don'ts of dog ownership
  43. No Shoes, No shirt, No Dog? SD Denied Access
  44. VetsFirst Joins Congressman John Carter to Introduce Veterans Equal Treatment ..
  45. Don′t Get "Bitten" By The ADA: Practical Advice Concerning Guide, Service And ..
  46. Pet Care: Reader defends pet rules
  47. Parents of disabled boy sue, want school district to allow service dog
  48. Aurora City Council eyes undoing outright ban on pit bulls‎
  49. Loyal Dog in Japan
  50. Rats Approved As Serivce Animals Amid Protest from Tea Party and Feds‎