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  1. Off-duty St. Louis cop drags blind woman and her dog through bar at closing time
  2. Letter: No dogs on couches, service animals or not
  3. Veteran and service dog denied NJ Transit bus ride
  4. Restaurant owner denies service dog
  5. Knezek bill protects veterans with service dogs
  6. Man says he's being forced out because of service dog
  7. A veteran's dying wish: A home for Kane
  8. Clicks of anger: Service dog incident at eatery sparks social media
  9. A disabled pet owner is fighting a private community over where he .
  10. Pit bull attacks girl's service dog, city posts animal up for adoption
  11. Veteran with service dog records confrontation with security guard
  12. CAN / Hallway dentistry & in-van checkups: Lack of accessible healthcare
  13. Suit asks insurance for disabled homeowners with pit bulls
  14. Huntington, WV company won't allow combat veteran's service dog
  15. Man uses social media neighborhood app to find lost dog
  16. Kangaroos can't be service animals, Beaver Dam says
  17. Service dog flap at Aspen cafe sets off complaint with justice
  18. AU / Assistance dogs out of reach for many families: disability advocate
  19. Elderly man nearly dies in unprovoked attack
  20. UK /Family's fundraiser for support dog
  21. Rutgers adjunct professor recieves 3rd assistance dog
  22. CAN / Epileptic toddler won't receive rescue dog because she's too young
  23. Heloise: Leave alone the service dogs at work
  24. Veteran Sues Morgantown Landlord Over Service Dog
  25. Good dog, bad dog: What happens when a service dog doesn't work out?
  26. AU / Dogs on a plane a tough call for airlines
  27. Danehy Tucson Weekly
  28. Letter: Dogs not welcome by all diners
  29. CAN / Tribunal hears transit issues
  30. Service dogs help farmers with disabilities stay on the land
  31. Disabled vet gets 8-week-old service dog
  32. St Augustine child in need of therapy dog
  33. CHINA/ First Guide Dog Taken to Trip by High Speed Train Women of China
  34. Yet another municipal-level paid sick leave measure passes in ...
  35. Real estate Connection: Landlords with no pet policy may have to ... Las Cruces
  36. Blind College Station Woman to Press Charges Against Navasota .
  37. CAN / Nova Scotia plans new legislation for service dog use
  38. Woman with therapy dog kicked out of Festival
  39. Service dog jumps between blind owner, bus
  40. News5 Investigates: Can a landlord evict a tenant for late pet rent ...
  41. Co-op City approves use of service dogs
  42. Carson City sheriff’s log: Woman tells deputies she was going to sell meth at mu
  43. New studies focus on service dogs and PTSD
  44. From Backyard To Workplace: Corralling The Law On Assistive ... JD Supra (press
  45. High School Pays Tribute to Staff's Service Dogs
  46. AuSable River restaurant denies service to service team
  47. Uber Claims Disability Laws Don't Apply To Technology Companies
  48. Guidance Sought On Rights Of Flyers With Autism
  49. Donated dogs help farmers with disabilities stay on their land
  50. Service dog abandoned, left for dead