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  1. Newlywed TV anchor dies alone from diabetic seizure/ had a DAD
  2. 4 paws, 2 feet, 1 team to fight PTSD
  3. Delaware Dogs Graduate To Become Life-Changing Companions
  4. Sandy forces seeing-eye dogs to give birth in dark
  5. Heroes Walk Among Us... On All Fours
  6. Graduation For Heroes & Patriot PAWS Dogs
  7. CNN: War vets find solace in 4 legged friends
  8. Four-Legged Student Graduates From Riverhead High School
  9. Genesys support group discusses how service dogs can help ...
  10. Pfizer Animal Health Sponsors Therapy Dog Category for 2012 ...
  11. War vets find solace in four-legged friends
  12. Honoring Veterans At Our Campus and With Our Programs
  13. UK / Street named in honour of 'wonder dog'
  14. Map, the therapy dog: more than a best friend
  15. Disabled Vietnam Vet's Non-Stop Search For Service Dog.
  16. OKC Woman With Service Dog Denied At Subway Restaurant
  17. KC stroke patient rescued dog Sadie, who then saved her
  18. Brain injury survivor Audrey Bocock is in this for the long haul (videos)
  19. AU / Hectorville man in world record attempt at Eastwood today
  20. Jerry Moore: Veterans should not go without the basics of life
  21. UK / Council 'discriminating against blind' with dog control laws
  22. Guitar raffle set for 9 month old to purchase a seizure alert dog
  23. Through Airmen's Eyes: Chief discusses how family, pet help PTSD ...
  24. seeking veterans to foster a service dog
  25. Local man's service dog complaint against Weis goes viral
  26. Woman with service dog could be barred from apartment
  27. UK / New S4M-04762 - Guide Dog Fundraising
  28. Disabled Veteran Fights for his Puppy
  29. Meet the chocolate labrador who does her disabled owner's laundry ...
  30. 'Strides' Walk for Diabetes Awareness Day
  31. Bazaar, bake sale supports guide dog training
  32. South Bend woman's guide dog honored for work
  33. Kimberly-Clark calls review of Andrex UK digital account
  34. Council questioned over whether it does enough to support blind ...
  35. PetArmor(R) and Operation Freedom Paws Video Shows How ...
  36. Not Guilty Plea Entered in Service Dog Death Case
  37. Dogs help war vets find 'new normal'
  38. Landlords seek change in companion animal rules
  39. Inclusion of Mental Health Needs into Public health
  40. Action call on 'problem behaviour' dogs
  41. Sleepless With Spot? How Your Pet Affects Your Sleep
  42. New Plan's Holistic Approach to Mental Illness in Los Angeles
  43. UK / Chance to meet guide dog puppies
  44. Council Briefs: Dog's owner puts stories to paper
  45. UK / ..Taxi drivers who won't take guide dog
  46. Tenth Circuit rules that ADA's Title II does not reach employment ...
  47. Awards show throws dogs more than a bone
  48. UK / Video: Dog does housework for west Hull's Pam
  49. AU / A new way to look at life
  50. CAN / Bazaar and bake sale support guide dogs