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  1. Girl to get seizure-alert service dog
  2. Valley's Jordan Poythress to get special diabetes dog
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  4. UK / Three time Guinness record holder Mike Newman calls for a ban on ...
  5. BlindMissoula woman has had guide dog at her side for nearly 6 ...
  6. UK/ Now Rob's running out on the real road deal
  7. Guiding Eyes For The Blind Announces New Challenge Grant
  8. Local foster families prepare pups for future service roles
  9. UK / Go walkies and help Guide Dog charity
  10. UK / Helping to give a guide dog a home
  11. Wounded veteran, service dog kicked out of restaurant
  12. Student with disorder denied service dog at school, father fights
  13. CAN / Diabetic alert dog Sask. woman's new best friend
  14. PHOTO: Henry Schein Donates $56K to America's VetDogs
  15. Many animal-related expenses are tax deductible
  16. Guide dog opens eyes of entire Mars school district, community
  17. New Beaufort County group tries to save veterans by saving shelter ...
  18. Special Needs Parenting: I did NOT sign-up for this!
  19. man and dog bite cops inside target - he sues Target
  20. Guide Dogs for the Blind looking for lost guide dog
  21. A DOSE OF PUPPY LOVE: Great Dane greets Walgreens customers
  22. Wounded Veteran With Service Dog Kicked Out Of Restaurant
  23. Farah's 'helping hands' aid disabled man
  24. A veteran's best friend
  25. Upstate funeral home hires grief therapy puppy
  26. Faribault Prison partners with Can Do Canines to train assistance ...
  27. Service dogs help disabled veterans
  28. Taking the lead
  29. Award winning author/veteran and his dog coming to West Michigan
  30. Veteran Accepts Village Cafe's Apology for Service Dog Refusal
  31. The Nose Knows: Diabetics benefitting from the sensitive nose of ...
  32. A charity is looking for Epping Forest families who would be willing ...
  33. Families raise pups before guide training
  34. Guide Dogs of the Desert Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser for veterans ...
  35. Southeastern Guide Dogs: Bo is a Star in 'Blind Pass!'
  36. France/ Blind customers welcome but the guide dog stays outside
  37. Apollo Beach father fights school over daughter's service dog
  38. Students raise money for service dog
  39. Local boy needs service dog
  40. Father wants to give disabled daughter a service dog for school
  41. UK/ A boost for the blind
  42. Etiquette: Dogs at the grocery store, really?
  43. Milton Area Bark For Life event
  44. Teagan Marti meets her service dog for the first time
  45. Inherently incompetent? Maryland House fails to pass pit bull ...
  47. Service Dogs: What Is Allowed
  48. UK / Supermac talk-in at pub Guide Dog fundraiser
  49. UK / Plea made for Guide Dog support on Teesside
  50. 'K-9s For Veterans' gives free ADA-certified dogs, but donations are