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  1. Gesture of generosity
  2. San Jose: Guide dog cadets go through the motions at airport
  3. Cyclist, wife raise $27000 on cross country-cycling trip
  4. Service Dog at Work at Penn College
  5. A veteran, a dog and a lifesaving story
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  7. Canine Companions More Than a Four Legged Friend
  8. CAN / Gym apologizes for denying access to war vet with PTSD service dog
  9. What's Working:Service Dog To Help Girl With Cerebral Palsy
  10. Schumer to VA: Reimburse service dog expenses for veterans with ..
  11. Dogs' training helps make golf easier, more enjoyable for veterans
  12. Program needs help to provide service companions for wounded vets
  13. Disney World's Message to the Disabled: Wait in Line
  14. Sponsor A Rescue Dog, Save A Veteran
  15. UK / Joss Stone makes some four-legged friends at the Hounds for ...
  16. CAN / Former soldier's service dog refused entry to gym
  17. Israel/ Blind, sighted to run, bike together at Israel Guide Dog Center event
  18. AU / Blind Iraq veteran Liam Haven ends charity walk from Sydney to ...
  19. Guardian Angel owner far from angelic
  20. Blind, deaf student wins big with guide dog
  21. UK / Rex the puppy starts guide dog training in Otley
  22. Heartwarming story of how a mother forged extraordinary friendship ...
  23. Service dog bonds with college teen
  24. UK / VIDEO: Meet dogs that 'save lives'
  25. AU / Dog safety restraints to be installed in SA ambulances
  26. Guiding Eyes for the Blind hosting open house Oct. 7 for new puppy
  27. Eric, Jessie Launch Deckers Dogs to Provide Service Dogs to ...
  28. CAN / Technicality keeping service dog from being legal
  29. Broomfield girl's gem of a pup is life-changing pal
  30. Student and dog struck by car
  31. True service dogs do not interact with strangers
  32. At your service: Dogs give kids new independence
  33. CAN / Minister Fantino Announces Partnership to Explore the Use of ...
  34. Diabetic Upstate man almost kicked out of McDonald's for bringin ..
  35. CAN / Dog Guide Walk
  36. Guide dog helps student at Southwest
  37. UK / Guide dog saved baby by pushing pram away from car
  38. Service animals
  39. Service dog receives honorary master's degree
  40. Surprise Visit Makes Er Trip Nicer
  41. Legion Branches Give a "Paws up" in Support of all Veterans
  42. Service dog not allowed on European cruise
  43. Disabled woman upset over service dog tags
  44. NY senator pushes for VA to change PTSD service dog policy
  45. Fake service dog IDs causing problems for disabled
  46. Dog-on-dog violence: Law would mean big penalties for attacks on ..
  47. Guide dog may be out of service after attack by Shiba Inu
  48. Mother: School Turned Away Disabled Daughter, Service Dog
  49. SERVICE DOGS: Help For Hearing Impaired
  50. Pet poll: Northwesterners lukewarm on therapy, service dogs in ...