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  1. Support Dogs Receives $5000 Gift From PetSmart
  2. UK/ Autistic woman to take on sponsored swim to pay for trained dog
  3. Trainer Refuses To Return $20K Service Dog To Girl
  4. UK / Search for guide dog in Nairn
  5. UK/ Swindon blind man left distraught after his guide dog is savaged by
  6. Gallatin dog cruelty hearing draws Clarksville protesters
  7. Dog in need gets new wheelchair
  8. A friend indeed
  9. Charity awards service dog to soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan
  10. Family seeks help with "Guardian Angel" diabetes alert dog
  11. Hot Times: How Summer Heat Affects Caregiving AARP News
  12. Skeptical veteran runs 9-month experiment with service dog
  13. 4-year-old Oviedo boy hopes for help in obtaining seizure dog
  14. CAN / War vets felt hassled by Marine Atlantic over service dog
  15. Owner Of MWC Severely Neglected Dogs Turns Self In
  16. Man returns to roots to advocate for blind
  17. Dog saves biker after Harley crash
  18. Dog ordered out of Hendricks Pointe
  19. Nonprofit, prisoners ready dogs for service, love
  20. Cochlear implants bring sound to a world gone silent
  21. Mother of autistic child seeks funds for service dog
  22. Dogs in department stores: A trend that needs to heel?
  23. Iraq vet cited for owning 14 therapeutic pet ducks
  24. Man and his family search for missing service dog
  25. Blind Woman Says Law Enforcement Offered No Help to Her Dying .
  26. Program places pit bulls to train as service dogs
  27. UK/ Liverpool\'s Aintree Hospital hosts largest ever guide dog training
  28. Ohio Woman Accused of Stealing, Selling Guide Dog
  29. Woman files complaint after her service dogs were banned from a
  30. Quandary of Hidden Disabilities: Conceal or Reveal?
  31. Blind Passengers Still Ride Free
  32. Eugene discrimination complaint heads to judge
  33. Veteran, local service dog turned away from hotel
  34. More Than 100 Animals Removed from Belville Home
  35. Veteran family looking for missing PTSD service dog
  36. Veteran seeks help finding missing dog
  37. Czech/ Helppes: training dogs for people with physical and mental health
  38. Have your employees been trained on allowing guide dogs in the
  39. Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Brand Pledges Support For Combat
  40. CAN/ NDG man fights for right to ride STM bus with service dog
  41. Mill Valley Police Log: Officers, skunk agree noisy dog should be ...
  42. DeKalb woman troubled by dogs running loose
  43. News 5 Investigates: Service Dog Loophole
  44. Courthouse denies entrance to man's emotional service dog
  45. Aurora ballot measures approved, including repeal of pit bull ban
  46. Sun City's first woman state legislator
  47. UK/ 'A split-second can change somebody's life'
  48. UK/ MP shares gateway safety fears
  49. UK/ Intense staring makes me uncomfortable
  50. Frimoth is keynote speaker at Silverton conference