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  1. Taiwan -THSRC panned over guide dogs
  2. Womanís service dog gives court workers a lesson in stress
  3. Muslim Cab Drivers Who Refuse To Pick Up Passengers Toting Alcohol Should Be Fir
  4. Disabled Rider Denied
  5. Hype builds around Gaz the labrador
  6. Guide dog opens doors for New Hampton woman
  7. A lick of help for victims
  8. Guide dog savaged in the street
  9. Visitor blasts motel -- guide dog not allowed in room, claims owner
  10. Service dogs helping with invisible disabilities
  11. Dogs should be kept under control
  12. Dog days of NW Ohio
  13. Destined to serve the blind, some pooches enjoy college life
  14. San Rafael Guide Dogs washouts find new life detecting low blood-sugar levels in
  15. In a world of dogs, Bob the Distraction Cat rules
  16. Mary Lou Breslin: U.S. needs to enforce ADA rules
  17. 'All I want for Christmas'
  19. Man needs a helping paw
  20. Memorable moments
  21. No dogs allowed
  22. A Long Road Home
  23. Alto Dairy employees help less fortunate
  24. School bars deaf teen's dog
  25. Blind nuke plant worker back on the job with dog's help
  26. Veteran Guide Dog Overcomes Doubts to Learn New Tasks
  27. Giving your website 'wheelchair access' can prevent litigation and increase mark
  28. Dog, owner make a perfect pair
  29. Jordan Johnson travels with Mikey
  30. Local Guide Dog Hailed a Hero
  31. Blind Woman Claims Service Denied Because Of Dog
  32. A student's shaggy best friend
  33. Positive Path
  34. Council adopts new dog law at 3:45 a.m.
  35. Lawsuit won't stop school plans
  36. Federal court rejects ADA discrimination claim
  37. Fidos For Freedom offers a helping paw to people with disabilities
  38. Chance of a new life for owners of wonder dogs
  39. Lindahl Case-Constitution V. Queensbury
  40. Fetching end to mystery of lost dog
  41. Disabled manís lawsuit against a local winery is thrown out
  42. Ability Awareness Day puts students in another personís shoes
  43. Guide dogs have their day at Palmetto open house
  44. OccuPaws: Home-Based Guide Dog Training
  45. Taxi driver refused to carry guide dog
  46. pets designated as service animal
  47. Walking, unsteadily, a mile in their shoes
  48. A little puppy love
  49. Decision on dog won't come until next school year for autistic boy
  50. Treats teach first-graders