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  1. Our view on drug safety: FDA vet tracks dog deaths, gets smeared in the process
  2. Tenant denied service dog
  3. Woman with guide dog asked to leave car boot sale
  4. AVSAB on puppy socialization
  5. consumer affairs on NUTRO foods
  6. Blind man fights off robber
  7. Father acquitted in son's dog-bite death
  8. Why do shops put up signs in their windows saying that guide dogs are permitted
  9. Family Of Autistic Boy Battle School Over Service Animal
  10. ACVO National Service Dog Eye Exam
  11. Judges Split Over 'Regarded as Disabled' Ruling
  12. Woman Bites Dog Who Attacked Her Dog
  13. 3 person Service Dog Team New state bill sert to pass
  14. Sound Off: Should family be allowed to have dozens of service dogs?
  15. More on John Cave
  16. PWD with service dog denied access at the Iditarod
  17. Pudge goes to school
  18. Quadriplegic man dumped from wheelchair by Hillsborough County jail employee
  19. Broad service animal law
  20. Man's best friend helping injured soldiers
  21. New UK stamps honor working dogs
  22. UK assistance dog organizations declare 2008 "Year of the Assistance Dog"
  23. Canine partners trained to help owners
  24. Service dog sought in Mexia area
  25. Obama Unveils Disabilities and Equal Opportunities Plan
  26. Guide Dogs for the Blind employee injured in accident
  27. Please don't touch us
  28. A nose for service
  29. Canine connect Dogs give autistics 'sociable' link
  30. My guide dogs have opened up new world
  31. The Amazing Adventures of Team Coco
  32. dear abby article
  33. Blog discusses autism service dogs
  34. MIT Invents Cure for Autism
  35. Blog describes how to fake a service dog....
  36. Muslims break taboo to allow guide dog into mosque
  37. Pieces stays whole
  38. TGIFridays Apologizes For Refusing Service To Disabled Teen
  39. Animal Jobs Series: Guide Dogs
  40. Restaurant refused blind friends
  41. Girl gets four-legged helper
  42. Doctor: Pooches Help Pull People Out Of Depression
  43. Service dog to the rescue
  44. India: Shankars hurt at treatment for their dog
  45. A gift of a different kind: puppy raising
  46. Store boots disabled vet and his service dog
  47. Serial litigant wins disabilities suit against Solvang restaurant
  48. Guide dog Pixie for brave Kevin
  49. Man steals from guide dog collection statue
  50. Olympic torch honour for hero Wendy