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  1. AU/World-first bus stop ID project to help passengers with a vision impairment
  2. Dogs seen as not eco friendly..
  3. GDB puppy is missing in Lodi, California
  4. Helper Parrots & Guide Horses: Where to Draw the Line?
  5. Access Limited for Stanford's Handicapped Students
  6. Service dog-in-training allowed to live on campus
  7. Mongolia/ FULBRIGHT STUDENT RETURNS with guide dog
  8. old case/ Family Evicted Over Service Dog Wins $115K
  9. The Dog: Woman’s Best (and Last) Friend
  10. Bojangles opens doors to faith
  11. Colorado Springs lawyer accused of denying access to woman's service dog
  12. UK / Pet health cover shoppers 'put on alert for dog-killing parasite'
  13. Wysong, has recalled some batches of their dry dog food
  14. Ross's DogBlog - Don't Feed The Dog
  15. PetSmart Voluntarily Recalls Dentley's Beef Hooves
  16. H1N1 in pets and service animals- fluke or not
  17. AU/ Horrified owner listens as guide dog attacked
  18. federal SSI rules wont allow fundraising for service dog
  19. Medford resident plans to file lawsuit, bill after guide dog injured on escalato
  20. Dogs' Social Lives and Disease Risks
  21. Allergy ruling could lead to ban on pets in airplane cabins
  22. Clover Park: Superintendent says it’s a liability when staff members bring servi
  23. UK / Guide dog Hamish is 'too smelly' for Rose cafe
  24. second time this year, a judge has ruled that a primate is not a service animal
  25. Doggie Bootcamp: Training Guide Pups for the Blind
  26. Older Oklahomans protest cuts to senior nutrition programs
  27. oddball newspaper article - Ticked off! @ "service" dog
  28. Lions training dogs for children with autism
  29. Good Dog, Smart Dog
  30. Doors slam on Idaho renters with companion animals
  31. Arizona ripe for Ripley's
  32. Pass you Pet off Service Dog to Fly
  33. Hundreds gather in Bozeman to march against hate
  34. Guiding Eyes training program intense
  35. hearing dog...
  36. good dog/smart dog
  37. Veteran's Service Dog Turned Away
  38. Wounded Warrior’s Assistance Dog Honored as “Dog of the Year”
  39. Yonkers schools sued after refusing to allow diabetic boy's 5 mth old dog
  40. Dog days: navigating the streets of Toronto with a precocious new guide
  41. Veteran's Companion Dog Seized
  42. Monkey ruled NOT a service animal / handler NOT disabled
  43. Circus of Service Animals
  44. Service Dog Helps Boy With Severe Peanut Allergies
  45. Vets Helping Heroes was formed by WWII veteran
  46. Dog Detects Diabetes
  47. Donation dependent, Canada's guide-dog schools struggle through tough times
  48. Woman's service dog hit, killed on Raeford Road
  49. Constant Companions
  50. Ed Eames of IAADP has passed away