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  1. Dog helps stabilize autistic boy's life, but Hillsboro school says not in the cl
  2. Jane Roe” v. Providence Health smelly SD case
  3. Can SD be banned from work
  4. Parents of 5-year-old with cerebral palsy want service dog allowed in Napoleon e
  5. Why would a dog risk its life to save a human? Genetics may hold the answer
  6. HARDWARE CITY HISTORY: 'Sully,' the blind reporter with a nose for a story
  7. No place like home
  8. Lost and found: Seeing-eye dog reunites with Naples owner
  9. Nurses take care of man's seeing eye dog as he recovers
  10. Health Watch: Allergy Sniffing Dogs
  11. UK / Barking and Dagenham dog ban is illegal
  12. UK/ Ungritted pathways cause problems for pedestrians‏
  13. Teacher has years of insight
  14. Prescription to Drive?
  15. What do dogs, cats, and PTSD have in common?
  16. GV man getting dog assistant
  17. Campbelltown cafe joins Guide Dogs campaign
  18. Epileptic thankful for seizure-response dog
  19. Diabetic student to attend parochial school
  20. Patriot Paws founder consoles Archie's human
  21. S.F. getting its fill of 'service animals'
  22. Greater accessibility promised
  23. A girl, a dog and a family's love
  24. Celebrate the Flame
  25. Missing service dog found
  26. City ready for new accessibility standard
  27. Inspirational stories found in our community
  28. Service Animals: Unraveling the Differences and Best Practices Conference Call
  29. Dogs provide more than just love to their owners
  30. Service Dog Training
  31. Abnormal Life Of Guide Dogs For The Blind
  32. Stealing Christmas Gifts (where's McGruff the Crime Dog?)
  33. "Killer" the Dog Struck by Hit and Run Driver
  34. Perth man receives specially-trained dog
  35. Guide dog may have led to man's fall
  36. Guide dog attack - finally an arrest!
  37. New York dog is first confirmed U.S. case of canine swine flu
  38. School district loses appeal on service dog in classroom
  39. Dog stops siezures with magnet
  40. Disabled mom fighting to keep her son
  41. Decision a win for waggish pooches
  42. Owner pleads for stolen dog's return
  43. Disabled woman wins fight for help with dog
  44. College student puppy raiser wants dog in dorm
  45. Senate spending bill includes funding for Franken's service dog legislation
  46. New CDC Estimate: 1 in 110 Children Have Autism
  47. Federal judge rejects Ryderwood woman's service dog discrimination suit
  48. Year of Firsts Author addresses sd, says she learned something
  49. Obama Sides With Blind in Copyright-Treaty Debate
  50. Vandals damage offices, vehicle of Menifee group that trains dogs to help disabl