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Sound Friendships: The Story Of Willa And Her Hearing Dog - Elizabeth Yates
Copyright 1987, 1992

Sound Friendships is the story of Willa Macy, who lost her hearing when she was fourteen years old, and Honey, a golden retriever, who helped her to discover a new world of independence and security. It is also a story about Hearing Dogs--their background, training, special abilities, and the unique relationship they develop with their owners in working to surmount the barriers of a physical handicap.

I'm pretty neutral on this book.

I liked it for the fictitious young-adult story that it is. The author gathered her information by observing and interviewing those at NEADS. The story itself is loosely based on two young women from the NEADS program.

I did not like the training methods that were discussed such as the "shakedown." They also frequently mentioned certification and ID cards being used. Most of that probably stems from the fact that this book was originally written in 1987, although in the forward (added in the 1992 edition) they do mention the ADA of 1990.

It would be nice if it could somehow be updated and tweaked to fit the present time. Including updating the training methods, and ID cards discussed.
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