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Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: A (second) year of Jubilee!
« Last post by Ariel on Yesterday at 05:31:32 PM »
Thank you Missy and QueenBee, I had fun making it!
Candy, I hope we will have many years of adventures. That would make me extremely happy. Jubi is a lot of work, but she works so hard. I'm so lucky to have such an earnest, devoted partner.
I think I'd go for the poodle over the golden because though goldens are very good in obedience they favor pattern training which I'm not fond of and I might get away with more of the style of training I'm used to with a poodle.

Kirsten, can you say more about pattern training vs style training?
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: A (second) year of Jubilee!
« Last post by Candy3 on Yesterday at 10:29:32 AM »
Aww, Ariel, what a wonderful year and beautiful video! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. So heartwarming!
Wishing you and Jubi many more wonderful, happy and adventurous years together.  :smile:
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: A (second) year of Jubilee!
« Last post by QueenBee on Yesterday at 08:30:26 AM »
Great job on the videos and beautiful dog!
Cute video! And happy (belated) birthday to Jubi!
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / A (second) year of Jubilee!
« Last post by Ariel on Yesterday at 05:10:42 AM »
Last year I made a video montage of the first year of Jubilee's life. I'd intended to have it done just after her birthday (September 9th) but life got in the way. I actually posted the previous video a year ago yesterday to this board because I was late finishing that one too. :tongue2: I finished up her second year video last night, and here it is!

Here is her first year if anyone is interested in watching that.
No matter what you do, good luck! Make sure to keep us updated on the process. I hope your dog ends up being wonderful and helpful and everything you want. :smile:
In the News (publicly viewable board) / Re: If you say so
« Last post by qtrhorse89 on October 20, 2017, 08:12:38 PM »
Yeah, this article (poorly written IMO) makes me a bit uncomfortable. Half of it reads like the dog is a PSD for the handler and the other half reads like it's a therapy dog for the office.

This is the only mention I saw of a "possible" task

"He can sense anxiety in people and is trained to react.  "When someone gets anxious, he taps their leg," Gianni said."

A robot could do this activity if they sense/read certain signs or types of behavior that indicate anxiety for a particular individual. The individual then responds accordingly to lower anxiety either by taking medication or utilizing coping skills, etc. If it was left there, I'd read that quote as a trained task. 

The next bit of that quote throws it off though...

"When Brody taps her leg, she said she pets him and interacts with him and it helps to relax her."

Now it's devolving into emotional support work since presumably petting and interacting with a robot would not work the same way as a dog. It's a wording issue and how she supposedly responds to the alert that then moves it away from actual task and towards emotional support.

Maybe it's just poor reporting, "the dog comforts and helps her" is a lot more appealing to the anthropomorphizing crowd interested in 'feel good' animal articles. "The dog signals her and she deals with it on her own"...not so much.

Regardless, it makes me uneasy. As a person getting a dog from a program trained in part for tasks to assist with severe anxiety, I do not like the connections and assumptions this article makes. I don't even have the dog yet and I've already had to deal with multiple family/friends wanting to know how the dog is more special than 'Fido' the household pet. When they read articles like this it makes them think I just want to be special and bring my old pal around with me everywhere for moral support and that's a problem.

As an aside, I knew going in dealing with family/friends who bring this up would be a problem. I sat down with every one of them and explained how my future dog is different from 'Fido'. It'd be a lot easier to do though if they couldn't find articles like this one establishing the exact opposite of what I told them. 
Thank you everyone for the wonderful tips and amazing insights!

I will look more into programs and see what I can do, I will also take into consideration everything you all have listed as important when choosing a puppy to train.

I really appreciate the warm welcome and fast responses, I hope to interact with you all more in the future! :paw:
In the News (publicly viewable board) / Re: If you say so
« Last post by SandyStern on October 20, 2017, 05:00:23 PM »
I hope the reporter left out the handler's description of actual tasks. All I saw was something about standard dog behavior making her feel better.
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