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Health & Maintenance (publicly viewable board) / Re: Food allergy update
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Be careful feeding "buffalo" to a dog with an allergy to beef. Much of the meat labeled buffalo is actually beefalo (bison/cattle).
Here's a link to Jubi's first time dealing with a dog from this program.

I had two encounters with dogs from this program with Saxon. This one I documented as a point of pride here because Jubi handled it well and she was only 14 months old and still in training. There was a run in with another bully type dog some months back that started growling and jumping around at the end of the leash lunging at us in Target and the handler had to drag the dog out quickly since they were already near the door. I believe that dog was from this same program but cannot confirm. It doesn't really matter, I'm glad the handler removed the dog, it was in no state to be assisting him and could only be potentially dangerous to Jubi, me, MOPs, or even his handler with that level of agitation and displayed aggression.

I have said before I very seldom think someone is intentionally faking a service dog in my area. While I've had a number of run ins with other service dogs over the years between several SDs, it's not like I encounter them on a daily or even weekly basis most of the time. I haven't given much thought about it, but I'm not sure if when I run into other dogs, the owner trained dogs often trained and handled by a complete novice are of greater concern, or dogs from programs like this, particularly those targeting veterans. I'm always on edge when I see another dog and I've spoken to feeling really guilty whenever I'm on edge and placing Jubi in a way to shield her with my body and scouting exits and the service dog is just as well behaved as her. That really is the way it should be. None of us should have to be fearful for our service dog's safety because there is another dog (visibly identified as a SD or not) in the vicinity.
I only recently moved back to the city in an effort to access more rehab, so I haven't had any exposure with anyone passing off a pet as a SD. I'm sure this will change once I am out and about and am exposed to more situations and people. In my province, it is an offence to the GDSDA and if convicted the fine is $3000.
I sensed that, and I am prepared to believe that Ariel's observations are consistent with the dogs placed through the program. 

This just makes me nuts. No one asked any of these men about tasks, and the man at the center of the story seems to know enough to say that the dog is being trained to alert to his diabetes. From Sonia, we know that diabetic alerts are not useful for T2 diabetics, and I don't think T1 types can serve in the military, so . . .

Some of you may remember my horrific incident with a bully breed wearing a TADSAW vest. These places are menaces.  Take a military veteran who believes s/he needs a service dog, don't work with his clinicians about his/her needs, get big scary dogs from rescue, don't train any tasks, believe in the Lassie moment (note the man talked about how the dog came right to him so he knew it was a perfect match) and send them out into the world with a vest. Meanwhile raising money.

I'm turning into a broken record, though.

The Humane Society says the 36 dogs released Tuesday were microchipped, had identification, and the owners had proof of ownership so they were easier to match.
Murphy says Satterfield came twice before telling her she wasn't suited for a dog.

"She told us we couldn't have her back as a pet, that she belonged to her for training," Murphy said.

Nine months later, Murphy is finally reunited with her dog.
Tulsa Humane Society Works To Match Dogs With Owners
Posted: Feb 19, 2018

“We are aware that several dogs have been recovered by the Sheriff's Office as part of an investigation,” said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler. “We have not received all of the reports associated with that investigation. However, we certainly agree that any dog which is identified and associated with an owner ought to be returned to that owner as soon as possible.”

Some of the dogs were with Satterfield for training, some were being sold as service animals and others were there to be boarded.
Oh geez. This is only about 35-40 minutes from me. This is no comment on the program but I've run across 3-4 dogs from this program over the years and there wasn't a single one that did not lunge and bark/growl/act extremely threateningly toward my service dog. Each was a big bully mix or something similar to whatever this "American Rottweiler" is, and each was handled by a physically large and strong man. Each had to be physically dragged out of sight of my SD who was just passively with me anywhere from 15-50' distance.
That's cool, Candy.  It looks like it's an actual criminal offense in many states.

Humane Society works to reunite dogs rescued from hoarding house with their owners
By Kyle Hinchey Tulsa World  1 hr ago
The Humane Society of Tulsa spent Tuesday reconnecting 36 dogs with their original families after a judge ordered their release that morning, said Gina Gardner, the organization's president.
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