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Smiley and Avatar Credits
« on: April 15, 2006, 11:06:32 PM »

Thanks to Andrea Hubacher (yabb-smiley-sets) for allowing us to use her wonderful smiley sets, including:  bunnies and Halloween pumpkins.

Thanks to Jason Sutherland (yabb-smiley-sets and Jason's Smilies) for allowing us to use his wonderful smiley sets, including:  leprechauns and snowmen.

Some of our best looking smilies, such as ball: and :wc: were created by Mike Perrucci (

And most of our round yellow smilies are from the wonderful Kolobok artists at:

Some smiley sets, such as our "doglies" and aliens come from

The leaf set and santa dogs were created by our own forum member, Trilby.

And a few odds and ends like :trx: and :ppaw: were made by me.


Thanks to the Scooby Files for our nice collection of Scooby avatars.

Thanks to Avatarity  and Avatarist for our collection of Snoopy avatars.

We'd like to credit individual artists and copyright holders on all our smilies.  Unfortunately, owned smilies sometimes show up on sites claiming there is no copyright on them (and we may have collected them there).  If you recognize your work or know who owns it, please contact us at ServiceDogCentral on gmail.

Please do not "lift" smilies from this forum.  Some are original artwork made just for this site, and others are copyrighted to others.  We have provided links for folks to get legal copies of smilies we've been able to identify.
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