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Forum Rules and Moderating
« on: March 31, 2006, 05:45:29 PM »
Ideally we would prefer not to have to remind folks to be polite or respectful.  However, in the event it should become necessary to intervene so that one or a few do not spoil the experience for for the rest of us, we do have a team of volunteer moderators to keep the peace.  If you find a post or PM objectionable, please report it to the moderating team via the link at the bottom of the offending message.

Our forum is intended to be appropriate for a general audience (ie "G" rated).  Please keep this in mind while formulating your posts and use appropriate language.  The forum will attempt to censor profane language automatically for those who inadvertently use an inappropriate word.  NOTICE:  overt attempts to bypass the censor with creative spellings and symbols may earn a person expulsion from the forum.

Keeping in mind that there may be children reading the forum, we ask that members refrain from openly discussing topics which may frighten children, such as stories of dogs or people being harmed.  Upsetting topics which are otherwise legitimate topics for this forum (they pertain to service dogs) may be posted with with the following conditions: 
  • The message icon must be the yellow "caution" icon.
  • The subject line must contain the tag word, "CAUTION."
  • The post must begin with a brief explanation of why it may be upsetting, eg. "discusses SD attacked and killed by loose dog."
  • The explanation must be followed by no less than 10 blank lines before starting the body of the post.
Even with these precautions used, if it is not appropriate for the six o'clock news, then it is not appropriate for this forum.

Please keep in mind you are a guest in our home.  What constitutes appropriate or inappropriate content or behavior is at the sole discretion of our moderating team.  If your behavior is objectionable, you will be notified.  Failure to modify objectionable behavior may result in loss of privileges, up to and including banning.


Education and social interaction are the purposes of this forum.  No commercial advertisements may be posted.  No listing of dogs available or dogs needing rescue will be permitted.  It is permissible to provide links to supplies you use and recommend, so long as you are not personally affiliated with with the supplier or manufacturer.

The ONLY exception to the posting of advertisements is on the trading post board, and ONLY for equipment that is used and being sold, traded, or given away by the owner.  Handmade gear, made by a person with a disability for service dogs may be listed only with moderator approval.  Advertisements for ID cards, certification, programs, trainers, training, or dogs of any kind are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN anywhere on the forum, including in signature lines.

  • Members must have made at least 50 posts to participate on any of the gear boards.
  • Members must have made at least 100 posts to participate on any of the "one star" training or law boards. 
  • Boards with two stars require passing a written quiz on training theory or legal theory to join.


Tether Dogs

A simple search will show this topic has already been discussed ad nauseum.  Because of the hostile nature of contacts and posts made by special interest groups involved in tethering small children to dogs, this topic is restricted.  Certain hot topics, including discussions of tethering, are restricted to the hot topics area.  In order to prevent future attacks by trolls, we require members to actively participate in the forum before they are given access to post in the hot topics area.  Those violating this rule will be automatically muted until they are ready to make a public apology and participate in the forum as community members instead of vigilantes.
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