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Title: Community changes
Post by: Kirsten on August 24, 2013, 04:09:01 PM
Our community will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks, including new software and a different approach to social organization.  We'll be moving from our cross-disability platform to a cluster of sub-communities all sharing an interest in disabilities and/or service dogs.  The existing forum posts will not transfer over, but will remain available at least for a time in an archive mode for reference purposes.

Instead of boards for specific topics, we'll have interest groups.  Within each interest group there will be a discussion area and a resource area and probably some other features.  Each group will have a founder who is responsible for the day-to-day running of that group in terms of enforcing group rules and dealing with member issues.  Anyone who wants to form a group may do so.  If you are familiar with sites like "Ravelry," it's somewhat like that in this regard. 

There will still be general rules for the community as a whole and violators will face community or "post" moderation.  When a certain number of individuals flag a given post as inappropriate, it will simply automatically disappear.  If you are familiar with Yahoo!Answers, it's somewhat like that in this regard.

Members who contribute to the running of the site will earn "userpoints" which will be associated with perks of some kind (special privileges, tokens or badges of some kind, higher status, access to private areas of the site, et cetera.  Members who interfere with the operation of the site, say by flaming, will face three strikes and with banning on the third strike.  This will be at my soul discretion (as the site owner) and without discussion or appeal.

The objective is to remove as much subjectivity as possible from the running of the site and to distribute responsibility for the site's smooth operation away from me and onto more community members.

I'm tired of working hard and hearing the same people complaining over and over again without actually getting off their butts to do any work to make things run more smoothly.  I'm tired of being attacked for being who I am on my own site.  I'm tired of bending over backward to appease and accommodate so many who are unwilling to even come to the bargaining table with real ideas and solutions, to compromise, or to cooperate.  I'm tired of dealing with people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own personal issues and instead expect others to walk on eggshells to make them feel validated.  I'm tired of burning out fantastic moderators with the stupid [censored] and practically no appreciation or respect for all they do to the point that they wonder why they keep trying so hard until they simply fade from view entirely.

There are some truly fantastic people here, people I'm extremely fond of and enjoy.  There are people who want this community to work and love it as much as I do.  These are actually the majority.  It is my hope that changing the format will give these people, the real members of SDC the opportunity to take control of their own community and quietly and calmly extinguish the bad behavior of the members who do not yet know how to work cooperatively, how to be accepting of those who are different from themselves, or how to be responsible for themselves.
Title: Re: Community changes
Post by: Kirsten on August 24, 2013, 10:34:40 PM
My web development platform (XAMPP) which simulates the server where SDC is hosted, is back up and running, finally.

The core software for the new community has been installed and is running well.  At this point, I start customizing it to fit our community's needs.  By moving away from a traditional looking forum and into an organic groups model, I've made live significantly easier for me as a web developer.  The person who developed the forum software I needed in order to come close to what our old forum looked like has taken a couple of years off of development to spend time with family and to earn a living.  The software for organic groups has a group of developers instead of just one.  That will help it stay current so that pieces don't become outdated and break down.
Title: Re: Community changes
Post by: Kirsten on August 25, 2013, 12:00:23 PM
Two quick things, questions I've been getting.

First, I'm not going to preassign group leaders other than those who already have boards on the forum.  For example Lindsay has some training boards now and if she wants to keep them when we move, she can.  Otherwise, you can just create your own group yourself, with no input from me once we switch to the new software.  On Facebook, you can create your own group.  It will be the same with the new software, only less confusing and complicated to do.  I hate facebook.

Second, people can join as many different groups as they like.  There's no limit.  It doesn't mean you have to chose one group of friends and give up another.  It just means you can tailor it so that you only get what you are interested in.  I think that if people have to wade through less stuff that doesn't interest them, they will complain less and we will have less conflict.  It will also make it easier to avoid people you know you don't get along with.  That's the plan anyway.