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Where is the safest place for my service dog if I need to go to the doctors or hospital for x-rays?

If you need to have quick x-rays done at your doctor’s office or a hospital, you will of course need to keep your service dog’s safety in the forefront of your mind. You do not want to needlessly expose your service dog to harmful x-rays.

The most recommended place for your service dog is in a down stay behind a lead wall. Before you are set up for your x-rays, place your dog behind the wall, generally where the x-ray technicians will be stationed, cue your dog to down and stay, then allow the technicians to prepare you for your x-rays. Once the films have been taken, you may then go back to your service dog and release them from their stay when the technician indicates to you that it is now safe.

If you are going to have more lengthy x-rays, it is generally recommended that you take a back up handler along with you who can keep your service dog in a waiting area far away from the harmful effects of the x-rays. If a back up handler is not available, it may be safest for your dog and less stressful for you, to leave your service dog at home.

Be reminded that the x-ray technicians and other hospital or medical personnel are under no responsibility to hold onto your service dog or otherwise handle your service dog for you while you are having your x-rays taken. It is your full responsibility to ensure that your service dog can properly maintain an extended down stay out of sight from you or that you will have a back up handler at your disposal.

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