takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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Northern Territory Legislation

The Anti-Discrimination Act covers discrimination against guide, hearing and mobility dogs.
21. Discrimination by refusing to allow guide dog, &c.
(1) For the purposes of this Act, a person discriminates on the ground of impairment against a person with a visual, hearing or mobility impairment if the person treats the person with the impairment less favourably because the person has a guide dog.
(2) Subsection (1) applies notwithstanding that it is the practice of the person to treat less favourably other persons who have dogs.
(3) Nothing in this section shall limit the operation of section 20 in relation to discrimination on the ground of impairment.
(4) This section does not affect the liability of a person with a guide dog for any damage caused by the guide dog.

The Northern Territory does not have a specific animal control act or guide dog act. The area around Alice Springs is covered by the Alice Springs Animal Control By-Law. This law provides exemptions from the normal dog requirements for guide, hearing and therapy dogs.
49. Exemptions
The Council may, by resolution, exempt –
(a) a guide dog;
(b) a hearing dog;
(c) a therapy dog;
"guide dog" means a dog, trained by an approved guide dog association, used as a guide by a person who is wholly or partially blind;
"hearing dog" means a dog, certified as a hearing dog by an approved hearing dog association, used as an aid by a person who is wholly or partially deaf;
"therapy dog" means a dog, certified by an approved training institution, that is used for purposes of therapy by a person who is wholly or partially incapacitated;