takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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Is it okay to use the handicapped stall in a restroom if all the other stalls are already in use, or are they ONLY for people with disabilities?

A handicapped stall is not intended to be used solely by people with disabilities. However, since it is the only stall many with disabilities can use, it is important to make it as available for them as possible.

Simple courtesy and common sense suggest the following rules for use of the handicapped stalls in restrooms:

1. If you are pregnant or chaperoning very small children and have a real need for the extra space, AND if no one with a disability is presently in need of it, then use it.

2. If there are other stalls available and do not have a specific need that will prevent you from using a regular stall, then use the regular stall. Use the regular stall even if you would prefer more space and even if you are the only one in the restroom. A person in a wheel chair could come in right behind you and be left waiting even though other stalls are available, just because the only one in the whole restroom she can use is occupied by someone who doesn't even need it.

3. If there are no other stalls available and no person with a disability requiring the special stall is present, then you may use it.

4. If there is a line waiting and someone in the line is disabled and in need of the special stall, that person should be moved to the head of the line and allowed to use the special stall as soon as the current occupant leaves it.