takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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Travel to Canada

Domestic or pet dogs can enter Canada for any period of time (permanent stays, temporary visits, or in transit visits) without quarantine from any country. Canada's import requirements take into consideration the rabies status of the country of export.

NOTE 1: Assistance dogs that are certified in canine vision, hearing ear, or other special skills are exempt from import restrictions when the person assigned the dog accompanies it to Canada.

NOTE 2: If you frequently import dogs or import several dogs at one time, you may be asked to certify that they are your personal pets and that they are not for resale.

NOTE 3: Commercial breeders can import dogs under eight (8) months of age (without an import permit) on a temporary basis for entry in competitions if they can provide an inspector with proof that the dog is entered in a show or trial organized by a recognized association. Valid rabies certification is also required.

NOTE 4: Dog owners must not import pit bulls into the Province of Ontario in contravention of that province's ban. For information on Ontario's pit bull ban, visit the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General's web site.