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Oklahoma Statute 7-12
Duty of drivers of vehicles:
Any driver of vehicle must come to a full stop within 15 feet of a blind person, a person using a guide dog, a deaf person using a signal dog, or a physically handicapped person using a service dog if that person is in the roadway.

Oklahoma Statute 7-19.1
Public conveyances and public accomodations-guide, signal, or service dog shall not be denied admittance, may not be charged. Specifies that signal dog for deaf must wear orange identifying collar. States that "dog trainer from recognized school" is given same rights.

Oklahoma Statute 25-1452
Discriminatory housing practices-categories and classes of persons protected

Oklahoma Statute 21-650.10
Touching assistive device with intent to harass: Penalties

Oklahoma Statute 15-910.1
Definition of "assistive device"-SD's not specifically mentioned, except as "other assistive device"

Oklahoma Statutes 41-113.1
A landlord shall not deny or terminate a tenancy to a blind, deaf, or physically handicapped person because of the guide, signal, or service dog of such person unless such dogs are specifically prohibited in the rental agreement entered into prior to November 1, 1985.

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