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Puppy Raising

First, a warning: if you are having difficulty raising a puppy with good manners, you are not yet ready to train a service dog. To train a service dog you should already have skills sufficient to title a dog in obedience. This isn't something you can just learn as you go along because it takes years to master.

However, we do get a lot of questions from kids and others who are just curious about what service dogs are and what they do, perhaps for a school report, but also have questions about their own pet dogs. For them we've included some very basic pet dog training tips we've gathered over the years.


This is a collection of articles on the Internet with information about raising well-adjusted puppies. Most of this material would apply to pet pups as well as those intended for service work.

Please remember that puppy raisers are not service dog trainers and generally have no public access rights of their own without their programs puppy coordinator. Some programs permit other public visits without supervision with the permission of the facility being visited. Know your own programs rules and regulations.

Puppy nipping
Dr. Ian Dunbar's excellent article on bite inhibition training for puppies

Socialization Guidelines