takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

See the detailed discussion of her crimes against the disabled on our forum

Six Flags Magic Mountain

The customer service representatives were very helpful. They can be reached at: (661) 255-4103 or via their email form at http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/footerNav/contact.aspx


For information on services offered to guests with disabilities, please visit Guest Relations located in Six Flags Plaza, where representatives will be pleased to help personalize your visit. Pick up our "Guest with Disabilities Guide," a handout that provides detailed information on accessibility of rides, shows, games, shops and restaurants. Other services include telecommunications devices (TDD), which are available at Guest Relations and First Aid. Assisted listening devices are also available at Guest Relations. "

All lines, shops and restaurants are wheelchair accessible.

Service dogs are welcome. Toileting areas are pretty much any place there is grass, which is abundant at the park. Guests are expected to scoop, of course.

PWDs who are unable to handle waiting in lines, perhaps due to autism, are permitted to wait outside of the line. If this service is needed, enter a ride through the exit and ask staff for this accommodation. They will estimate the time you would have stayed in line and tell you to return at that time. PWDs do not get to line jump. We have to wait the same time as anyone else. Which is only fair. The neat part at this park is that you don't have to wait in a designated waiting area. You can continue at the park, go to shops or restaurants or even short rides, and return at the appointed time to take your ride at the one with the long line.