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258.500 Persons with assistance dogs not to be denied accommodations,
transportation, or elevator service -- Conditions -- Exemption from licensing
fees -- Denial of emergency medical treatment for assistance dog prohibited.
(1) As used in subsections (1) to (11) of this section, "person" means a "person with a
disability" as defined by KRS 210.770. "Person" also includes a trainer of an
assistance dog.
(2) If a person is accompanied by an assistance dog, neither the person nor the dog shall
be denied admittance to any hotel, motel, restaurant, or eating establishment, nor
shall the person be denied full and equal accommodations, facilities, and privileges
of all public places of amusement, theater, or resort when accompanied by an
assistance dog.
(3) Any person accompanied by an assistance dog shall be entitled to full and equal
accommodations on all public transportation, if the dog does not occupy a seat in
any public conveyance, nor endanger the public safety.
(4) No person shall be required to pay additional charges or fare for the transportation
of any accompanying assistance dog.
(5) No person accompanied by an assistance dog shall be denied admittance and use of
any public building, nor denied the use of any elevator operated for public use.
(6) Any person accompanied by an assistance dog may keep the dog in his immediate
custody while a tenant in any apartment, or building used as a public lodging.
(7) All trainers accompanied by an assistance dog shall have in their personal
possession identification verifying that they are trainers of assistance dogs.
(8) The provisions of this section shall not apply unless the person complies with the
legal limitations applicable to nondisabled persons and unless all requirements of
KRS 258.015 and 258.135 have been complied with.
(9) Assistance dogs are exempt from all state and local licensing fees.
(10) Licensing authorities shall accept that the dog for which the license is sought is an
assistance dog if the person requesting the license is a person with a disability or the
trainer of the dog.
(11) Emergency medical treatment shall not be denied to an assistance dog assigned to a
person regardless of the person's ability to pay prior to treatment.
(12) No person shall willfully or maliciously interfere with an assistance dog or the dog's
Effective: June 26, 2007

Note: our law section is undergoing revision

There is a bill under consideration in the 2010 legislative session: