takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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Free educational materials including law cards and brochures

Often a disabled handler is approached by members of the public asking questions about service dogs and disabilities. Sometimes the person with a disability has the time, skill, and inclination to do some public education on the spot. Other times, the person may be in a hurry, may be shy, may dislike the intrusion, or may have a communication problem that makes that sort of interaction undesirable or undoable. We've gathered some free, downloadable resources to help handlers in those situations when they need something printed to speak for them. The resources listed below include documents from the US Department of Justice, HUD, various private organizations, and our own in-house publications.


2010 Revised ADA Requirements: Service Animals

description: 3 page black and white PDF document for printing. No images. This is the most current official document covering service animals under the ADA including the recent change in definition effective March, 2011.
source: US Department of Justice, official site
date: July, 2011

ADA Business Brief

description: one page flyer with color photos--this document is available in several formats but the version provided here is optimized for printing.
source: US Department of Justice, official site
date: April 2002

Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business with NAAG cover letter

description: Web document which prints out at about 4 pages. Begins with one page cover letter from the DOJ (Department of Justice) and NAAG (National Association of Attorneys General), followed by 11 questions with answers. The cover letter includes a list of 24 states that distributed this document to businesses. See also http://www.ada.gov/qasrvc.htm for a shorter, slightly older version without the cover letter.
source: US Department of Justice, official site
date: last updated 2/13/09 (Archived December 1, 2008)


http://servicedogcentral.org/content/printable-resources (note: some may be out of date)


Curious About My Service Dog? A sheet of 8 business cards
Facts You Should Know About Service Dogs A two color, three-fold brochure